Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Springtime Blossoms - Just yesterday as I walked through the campus I got the most beautiful whiff of fresh blossoms. I love watching the arrival of spring, it literally appears overnight around here. Last weekend saw the arrival of the cherry blossoms on all our trees at home and they are so beautiful to look at.

Wearable Sunshine - Lately I've been dreaming of a yellow dress. I'm not too sure if a pale Irish girl can pull off this look but I am really give it some serious thoughts. Any tips or ideas on how to wear yellow without looking ill? I'm really liking the look of this one for day time and this one for evening.

A Room With Some Blue - There is something so fresh and new about a bright blue room, something that screams out for lots of sun and warm breezes to keep it from becoming too chilly. I've been thinking that a blue room might be a very beautiful place to live in.

Honourable Mentions - huge hoop earrings, real coke, my cherry necklace (thanks Raymy), beautiful desktop wallpapers to inspire me, lime and fig scented candles, tomato soup with extra Tabasco, this video tutorial, so that you never get stuck without a cd case again, weekends off, bare legs, lemon curd milkshakes and rhubarb smoothies, peacock prints 

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