Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treehouse Wedding


Isn't this the most amazing wedding you have ever seen!

I love the fairy lights through the trees and the croquet on the lawn and I am completely head over heels with the idea of having a bread and preserve table set out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Things I Love Yesterday


Real Coke - I know that I drink diet most of the time but sometimes you just have to have real full sugar coke. We all know that you CAN taste the difference.

Pretty Coloured Leaves - Autumn has well and truly arrived and the ground outside is absolutely covered with reds and yellows and oranges. So pretty to look at, and outside our building at work is a horse chestnut tree and it's interesting to see that even adults still collect conkers.

Bagels- Toasted cinnamon and raisin bagels with butter and honey, for breakfast, with a steaming hot cup of coffee. Yum!

Castles - If you don't know about my love of castles you MUST read this.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wonder of Friends

I got a present, I got a present, I got a present...

A parcel was delivered to my desk yesterday and I opened it to find a new Yoo Move MP3
player inside. I think I should give you the background to this story...

A short while ago my ipod started acting up and not working. Now I use my pod for everything - music, movies, data, everything. I thought about buying a new pod but I didn't want a shuffle, a nano or a touch. I just wanted a classic pod, about 60g in size, for not too much money. It didn't happen. At the same time my camera was being kinda funny too and I really wanted to get a small, slimline camera that would fit into my purse without much difficulty. But my college stipend doesn't really stretch to new cameras or MP3 players so I said that I would wait and that Santa might be nice to me this year...

Until I saw her...

A thing of beauty, the Sony Ericsson W995. And I wanted it so bad. An 8.1mp camera, a great MP3 player, a 2.6" screen to watch everything on. But I wasn't due an upgrade, and it costs a bomb to buy simfree. So I have to wait until my upgrade is due in December to try to get it. So I was musicless, and movieless, and everything-less.

Until yesterday...

Fredrick and Doogle bought me the present. They thought that I should have music in my life and I love them for that. I tried to put up a photo but my everything is being stroppy so a photo of a nice parcel and an image of the player will have to do for now.
So today I am YEA for great friends! Thanks guys, I love you both so much.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doogle Day

Oh what a great weekend!
Doogle's 21st was such a fun fun fun party. You would never think that twenty-something year olds could get that excited about balloons and bunting. The house and garden looked so good, all lit up and COVERED in bunting and fairy lights.

And there was a BOUNCY CASTLE! A huge adult sized bouncy castle, and inflatable sumo suits and an inflatable jousting challenge. It was like you got a children's birthday party wish-list and gave it to a bunch of over-excited adults. I have never had such fits of hysterical giggling before and my sides are still aching from all the laughing.

The birthday girl herself got up on the jousting challenge, and didn't even get to win. We felt a little sorry for her so I borrowed her camera and filled it with people pulling stupid faces to cheer her up. The rest of the night was spent curled up outside around the fire pit wrapped in blankets and talking into the wee hours.

But the highlight of the night was seeing Daddy Doogle in a sumo suit and watching Mammy Doogle bop away to the music with her glow-in-the-dark bracelets and glo-sticks.

The Doogle family was nice enough to let us, all 14 of us, take over their lovely sitting room and curl up and sleep until the smell of frying rashers and sausages woke us up the following morning.

And then we re-inflated the bouncy castle and bounced all over again!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday


Cupcakes - Oh such sugary sweet treats! How I love thee.

Children's Activities - I am heading up the country on Saturday to Doogles 21st and can't wait to get myself into the bouncy castle that she promised to get. Lots of sweets from our childhood, rolling around the garden with her dalmatians and staying on the bouncy castle until I feel sick.

Participation - This week was my first week teaching this semester and our first week training beginners for archery. Lots of new faces, a little frustrating at times but so worthwhile when someone asks a question or wants to learn something new. Yea.

Whats been great about your week?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Electric Picnic 2009

The photos are finally up. My SD card has been finally cleared, although there are still some photos on my phone to be brutally honest.

The highlights of my 1st Picnic:

  • Arriving into the festival just as MGMT were taking to the main stage
  • Spending many an hour lolling in a double hammock in the Body & Soul area with Mr T
  • Imelda May on the Crawdadddy Stage - absolutely amazing
  • Mick Flannery on the Crawdaddy - fantastic even at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon
  • The impromptu fire show in the B&S complete with stilt walkers on Saturday night
  • Watching charlston dancers on the Village Bandstand
  • The Pieminister chicken pie, mash and gravy , and the wok'n'roll pad thai noodles
  • Dirty Dancing at the 24 hour cinema - everyone joined in the dancing and singing
  • Hot chocolate at Granny's Gaff
  • The view at night from the top of the ferris wheel
  • Watching the sunrise over the campsite on my last morning

Check out Kitty Cats post over at Red Lemonade to see more fun and photos of the weekend.

We had the same rain jacket but I forgot to take any photos of myself all weekend. Oh and my wellies matched too.

Patrick 'Dirty Dancing' Swayze


May Patrick Swayze Rest In Peace

Dirty Dancing was the only movie I got a chance to see at the 24 hour cinema in the Picnic. The memory will stand out a little more in my thoughts now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bunny Suicide

I love Bunny Suicides.

Not politically correct at all, but I still giggle at most of them.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Things Need To Be Said

source unknown

Invent a Holiday


Check out this great post over at The Secret Society of List Addicts.

It a list of holidays that really should be invented, and I'd like to add to the list a little and call for a 'Just Because Day'. It would be a day where your friends and family get you a little, cute, token gift 'just because'. There would be a holiday lollipop, and the holiday music would be loosely based around TV show theme tunes from your childhood, or from ad's - like in Demolition Man.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I Love Thursday


Wispa Gold - The wonderful people at the Wispa factory brought back the Wispa Gold. The greatest chocolate bar of my childhood. I bought one this morning on my way to work and I can feel it calling from my desk drawer - EAT ME, EAT ME, EAT ME.

Bed - Or lack of. I don't love my lack of bed right now but I can't wait until the weekend and I get to sleep in every morning up at MR T's house.

Things I Loath Thursday include;

My cough
My pulled bicep
Too many archery related meetings
Updating the archery website on a daily basis
The fact that I haven't managed to eat dinner once this week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post Picnic Blues

The Electric Picnic post and photos will have to wait until tomorrow. I brought a miserable head cold back with me.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Despite my cold I did!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Archery - Indoor training resumes next Monday night, and Wednesday is Fresher Recruitment night. I can't wait to get back inside - I really don't do outdoor training in Ireland. It's just too windy.

Marshmallows - I may have been in the Cash&Carry yesterday and I may have picked up a box of 500 marshmallows as a gift to our house. Nom nom indeed. Such a sugar rush.

Festival - Just in case you haven't noticed I'M GOING TO ELECTRIC PICNIC. Woo hoo.

Goldfish - We got two new fish yesterday and I was allowed to name one. He is called James and he has a little problem swimming forward, or straight, or any way consistently at all. But I am completely in love with the little guy.

French Press - I was up in IKEA on Sunday with my mum. It was her first time there and she didn't really like it, but I picked up a new french press and a laptop stand for only €13. Bargain.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back To Design


I was over at DigsDigs and I spotted this amazing convertible sofa. I am completely in love with it. It's a great idea for a contemporary house.

Now if it only came with interchangeable lining, I would never be able to keep white clean and I think that a pop of colour would be way cooler looking than bland white - or maybe stripes, hmmm - and it would mean that you could update your living room without changing the sofa.

Go check out ebuala for more fantastic furniture.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fill Me With Your Wisdom

Good day to you all.

I had to duck into town this morning and find myself a double air mattress.

Because... Friday is PICNIC DAY! Roll on Eleccie Piccie! I can't wait, I've never camped before, I've never even been in a tent, I've never been to a festival before. I know - it's so sad that I'm 26 and have never been to a festival. I have no idea how to put up a tent, and Mr T won't be arriving until Friday evening so I am forced to bribe some friends to do it for me. I will claim naive girliness and get the big strong menfolk to do all the work. It will be a step backwards for feminism but a giant leap forward for 'Magatha-campinism'.

I have the baby wipes bought, a pair of pretty wellies and a rain jacket. I will remember to bring enough money and spare camera batteries. I promise to bring back lots of photos and hopefully no swine flu.

Please please please fill me with your festival wisdom before I go.

And if anyone else is going let me know and we'll meet up for a beer and a photo op!
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