Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Love You Raymy

My pretty friend Raymy is a self confessed toe hater, so today's post is especially for her - to help get over her hate of tootsies, piggys and whatever else you like to call you podiatric digits, cause summer is just around the corner and toes are becoming much more visible every day.

When are your toes at their happiest?

When they have a kitty keeping them warm?

When they get to stretch in the morning?

When they get to come out and play?

When they get to wiggle in the sand?

When they get to be shown off in a beautiful pair of shoes?

When they touch the ground for the first time in the morning?

When they get to play dress up?

When they get to go for a swim?

When they are all cozy?

When they get to jump?

When they get to bask in the sunshine?

When they get to play in the mud?

Do you have any strange hates? Are you another foot-phobe?

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