Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Finding Friends - I haven't gotten to see the girls from Bonzie Designs in ages and today they will be in Limerick for the Artisans Craft Fair! So excited! Can't wait! Overusing exclamation marks!

Bright Eyes - Sometimes you just need a little pop of colour on your face to lift everything when your day just seems dull and drab. A sweep of jade, a flick of turquoise, a smudge of sunshine yellow. Go on, put some summer on your face.

Bank Holidays - What's your plans this weekend? I'm starting off with a little work back home on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, but heading down to Cork city ofter work to see friends that I have neglected for way too long. The Irish Outdoor Nationals are on Sunday but I'll only be there as a spectator this year (stupid injuries). And hopefully the day will end up in a bar in the city with an archery darts tournament. Recovery and a return to Limerick on Monday.

Honourable Mentions - good movies with good friends, coral anything, pineapple jam, my arm finally beginning to heal, shopping days with my mum, straw hats

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