Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Does A Shoe Say Something About You?

Black high platform shoes

Cream metallic cuff stud heels

Black studded sandals

All shoes from Dorothy Perkins

Along with heading to the market this weekend, the girlies and I went on a a little shoe hunt. Who can resist the lure of the summer sales? The three shoes above were all on sale at Dorothy Perkins - we almost set up camp in the shop for the night - so many pretty clothes!

Can you match the shoe with the girl?
I'll even give you a little insight into all of our personalities...

Raymy - she loves all things smart, simple and nautical. She believes you can never have too many pairs of ballet flats, or hairbands. I have never seen anyone to layer clothes as perfectly as she can, she is a jersey queen.

Sonya - she believes that form should follow function. She loves her car more than her wardrobe, and her fiance more than her car. She rocks the most amazing bangs but has taken to pinning them back for the last few months. Bring back the bangs S! Oh... she owns more pairs of jeans than you could possible imagine.

And then me - I love big earrings and even bigger rings. I can't go a day without coffee. I buy more shoes than I could ever possible wear and feel happy to just put them on display and look at them. I also own more handbags then the other two girls put together. I have finally embraced wearing dresses.

Only one of us actually bought the shoes we loved. For a bonus point can you guess which shoe was bought?

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