Sunday, March 28, 2010

Irish Blog Awards Roundup 2010

Here are the top things I learned this weekend;

- It is not unusual for EllyBabes to walk up to you at the Irish Blog Awards, tell you that you have amazing cleavage and proceed to put her face into your chest

- There is no dress that I can't fit into - with enough spanx that is!

- Dawn is an amazing person to spend a weekend with

- At least one person, in each group of female friends, should carry a handbag large enough to fit everyone's flats into

- Drag queens make for the best acceptance speech writers, congratulations Panti!

- Captain Morgans and coke is actually a lovely drink

- Some pairs of tights are worth spending more than the cost of the dress on - with thanks to Val

- Salthill to the Radisson Blu isn't really a 40 minute walk - only took us less than 30

- Bosco is still a legend when you're 27

- Laughing at a funeral cortege is perfectly acceptable to the world of Irish bloggers

- Not being bothered to take your camera out of your handbag all night is a really stupid move - please hurry up and put up your photos Ruth!

- The Ladies Tea Party is a must to attend next year

- The Irish Blog Awards is a savage party - thanks to all of the organisers and sponsors

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