Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make A Splash

Isn't this just one of the cutest ideas ever.

I love the thought of having a splash of colour hidden somewhere in my outfits. As anyone who has met me can testify - I rarely wear much colour - although S did comment earlier this week, when I was wearing an all black ensemble, that it was a little unusual to see in in head to toe black - I usually favour black, grey, black and grey stripes and more grey. Even though my clothes are muted in palette I love the idea of having something really bright hidden away;
  • wear shockingly bright underwear - citrus, fuschia, turquoise
  • if you fancy a full skirt like Dawn, Doe Deere or Sal you can perk it up with a petticoat like the one above
  • wear brightly coloured jewellery - semi precious stones, acrylic, whatever takes your fancy
  • wear a jewel colour cami inside whatever you're wearing, let the lace peek out just a little
  • seek out a coat with beautiful and vibrant lining
  • even the lining of your handbag can bring a touch of colour related joy to your day
but my favourite is
  • wear a sombre outfit and completely transform it with a beautiful scarf
How do you like to wear your colour? On your sleeve, bright and vibrant like Franca over at Oranges & Apples or are you more like me, with hidden colour within your outfit?

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