Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fill Me With Your Wisdom

Good day to you all.

I had to duck into town this morning and find myself a double air mattress.

Because... Friday is PICNIC DAY! Roll on Eleccie Piccie! I can't wait, I've never camped before, I've never even been in a tent, I've never been to a festival before. I know - it's so sad that I'm 26 and have never been to a festival. I have no idea how to put up a tent, and Mr T won't be arriving until Friday evening so I am forced to bribe some friends to do it for me. I will claim naive girliness and get the big strong menfolk to do all the work. It will be a step backwards for feminism but a giant leap forward for 'Magatha-campinism'.

I have the baby wipes bought, a pair of pretty wellies and a rain jacket. I will remember to bring enough money and spare camera batteries. I promise to bring back lots of photos and hopefully no swine flu.

Please please please fill me with your festival wisdom before I go.

And if anyone else is going let me know and we'll meet up for a beer and a photo op!

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