Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Archery - Indoor training resumes next Monday night, and Wednesday is Fresher Recruitment night. I can't wait to get back inside - I really don't do outdoor training in Ireland. It's just too windy.

Marshmallows - I may have been in the Cash&Carry yesterday and I may have picked up a box of 500 marshmallows as a gift to our house. Nom nom indeed. Such a sugar rush.

Festival - Just in case you haven't noticed I'M GOING TO ELECTRIC PICNIC. Woo hoo.

Goldfish - We got two new fish yesterday and I was allowed to name one. He is called James and he has a little problem swimming forward, or straight, or any way consistently at all. But I am completely in love with the little guy.

French Press - I was up in IKEA on Sunday with my mum. It was her first time there and she didn't really like it, but I picked up a new french press and a laptop stand for only €13. Bargain.

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