Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Special K Swimsuit


Ok ladies, It's almost August, my holidays are only 8 days away, my 'every summer I'm going to lose weight' diet never really produced results so I ditched it and I decided to start being happy in the skin I'm in. I started swimming 3 mornings a week, I stopped eating things I knew I would regret, I pushed my plate away before I became too full, I started walking in the evenings (rain permitting). I haven't lost much weight but damn do I feel better. About my health, my figure, my mental state and my ability to sweep on a coat of mascara and a slick of lip gloss and know that I look great.

Diets are over rated. They are difficult and leave you miserable, they are impossible to stick to and as soon as you eat something that your diet sheet disapproves of you are filled with guilt and regret. This is no way to live!

Hours in the gym are over rated. Fair enough if you find it the best way to pound out your frustrations and get an endorphin high but don't do it just because some celebritary trainer says that this is what you have to do to fit into this seasons hot pants. Find a mode of exercise that you really enjoy - and finding it takes more than a few days. It took me 14 years to realise that I love being in the pool, the feeling of being supported by the water, learning how to take measured breaths and the relaxing steam afterwards.

Go read Already Pretty, especially Sals recent post about being happy to wear a bikini. Sal is on a one woman mission to try to help us to love our bodies and everything that they do. She is a wonderful lady with a heart of gold (and a very covetable wardrobe).

So every time you see one of those Special K ads where that pretty girl won't put on the red swimsuit until she eats nothing but cereal for weeks and loses weight, stick out your tongue at the tv and wear your red swimsuit with self love and pride.

Because I sure will.

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