Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday


Licorice Allsorts - Yum, yum, yum in my tum. And it is completely impossible to eat more than 5 of these at a time so you never get sick of them and a bag lasts about 2 weeks.

Summer Sales - As per previous post I got some goodies this week, also bought turquoise earrings, a braid hairband, high waisted navy nautical shorts, a rose print gathered skirt, 3 H&M vests, a black obi belt, a brown cross over purse, a green clutch, a flower brooch and a gray and purple striped T. Oh my when you type it out it sounds like a lot but when it's all added up it cost less than 80 euro for everything.

Ladies Day - Raymy, who now live in our house, went to the Galway Races today for Ladies Day and her outfit was so fabulous and amazing. She left befoe I got a picture but I'll see if I can get one from the days event. She started with just a strapless black satin dress and court shoes and she customised absolutely everything in just one day. She looked sensational.

So have you been loving anything this week?

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