Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Journey Begins

Stage 1 of the Ombre Journey got underway today.
I am so thrilled with the outcome I actually bounced out of the salon earlier on. My hair is notoriously difficult to colour and unmanageably thick. Most attempts to dye it result in a disaster that just gets covered up with a bottle of Natural Black, and hair cuts can be very hit or miss (if the layers are too short my head has a tendency to look like a Christmas tree). 

The photos really do no justice to the colour at all. You really need to see this colour in daylight to get the full effect. Laura, the owner of Vibe in Thurles, who personally took care of my colour today, spent ages putting in a head of duo tone low lights in copper and caramel. She put a lot of care into making sure I didn't end up with zebra hair, and it paid off. I've got beautifully natural looking tones that make me wish I had actually gotten them from a summer on the beach.

We decided to skip cutting my hair into the new style for the time being and wait and see how the next stage of colouring turns out before chopping off 6 inches. Secretly I was delighted - this is the longest my hair has ever been, ever and it would be kinda nice to keep it for a little longer.

Cardigan - Pennys
Vest - Dunnes
Jeans - Dunnes

What do you think?

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