Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awards Season

Thank you Kate for tagging me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. You are such a sweetie, and have incredible painting talents, and such pretty hair too. You can find her work over at Kate's Irrelevant.

And thank you also My Third Cousin for the nomination. I feel kinda special to get two nominations in one day.

Rules Of The Award:
List 10 facts about yourself
Tag 10 other bloggers
Tell them about the award

Ten Little Known Facts About Me:
1. I absolutely adore the licorice allsort sweets with the pink and blue sprinkles on the outside (I think they're called jelly sprogs). 
2. I wear my glasses most of the time but completely hate wearing them - to me it feels like a mild disability to not be able to see.
3. I am terrified of public speaking but hide it behind a room-filling voice and a lot of bravado.
4. I own approximately 15 different blankets and throws, all of which are scattered around the house.
5. I have a scar on my lip from when I was coming down a slide on my tummy as a kid and smacked my face into my brothers knee.
6. I have just one brother and I am the youngest.
7. I really wanted to change my name when I was younger (it's Margaret) but when my mum told me that I was almost called Leanne I decided that I liked Margaret more.
8. I love company in the car with me most of the time but you can rarely beat an empty road and a very loud stereo.
9. I cannot physically fall asleep if my feet are cold.
10.I have never found a nail varnish that did not chip after one day so I have given up wearing nail varnish on my hands, I always have varnish on my toenails though.

Ten Wonderful Bloggers To Pass This On To:
1. Donna from Musically Inclined
2. Hermia from A Chick Named Hermia
5. Carly from Smaggle
6. Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky
7. Lili from Frocks & Frou Frou
8. Ana from Ripped Knees
10.Melissa from ISLY

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