Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Helping - One of my closest girlie friends will be turning the ripe old age of 21 really soon and we're putting together a fab night to celebrate. There may even be some pictures surfacing here after the night.

Doing Something just For Me - Like putting on perfume just before going to bed.

Happy Feet - College has started back, thousands of students have invaded my space again, classes I'm supposed to be teaching are located at the other side of a large, spacious and beautiful campus. My heels and wedges have been replaced by trainers and flats for the foreseeable future. Thank god Black Swan made ballet flats desirable again. My toes thank you.

Honourable Mentions - attempting to make 4 fitness classes and 3 training sessions next week - if I manage it I will reward myself with new gym wear, Eau Thermale Avene cold cream for lips - one of the most amazing products I have ever put on my lips and sent to my by this wonderful lady, the smell of leather - I can't believe it has taken me until I was 28 to buy my first leather jacket, a glass of perfectly chilled Pinot Grigio,  freshly painted, shell pink toenails, waking up with perfect hair, learning to like tomatoes  

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