Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

Please forgive my ignoring of Blogland for the last week. I am back at home and our internet connection here isn't really the best and I've only gotten a day and two half days off in the whole of Christmas week.

But my Christmas was really lovely, very quiet, but lovely.


I got some wonderful gifts including a fantastic purse from my mum. It's not really a traditional purse - it's sort of like a cross between a purse and a jewelery roll. I carry a phenomenal amount of stuff in my purse and I find it really difficult to find anything big enough to carry it all around with me. This purse has about half a dozen pockets in it and two ring rolls built in to it - I am forever taking off my jewelery at work and dropping it into the bottom of my purse - never to be found again. Hopefully this will help me!

My haul also included
over the knee striped socks
a set of silver feather earrings
a silver leaf necklace
a box of Butlers chocolates
a selection box
lots of knee high black bamboo socks - I am obsessed with them
my brother gave me cash for Christmas as he knows that I'd rather money than a gift right now

I hope you all had a great holiday.

Things here should start getting back into a routine soon. I'm heading back to Limerick tomorrow to hit the sales, meet up with a few friends, go to a New Years Eve party, sort myself out to get back to work, tidy my room, and get back to reliable internet.

Take care sweeties.

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