Monday, October 12, 2009

Made with Love in Dingle

Mr T and I spent the weekend in An Dangain with J&S. Such a beautiful town with loads of little shops and cafes and things to look at.

We got to see the trees - carved out of trees still in the ground. There were four of them dotted around the churchyard. Absolutely beautiful.

Mr T and I decided to go roaming around the coastline Saturday morning and we found a gorgeous pebble beach, although pebble is a bit of an understatement - boulder would be a closer description.

We spend Saturday hopping around the pebble beach and strolling along Inch Strand - would you believe that the strand is 3.6km long. We took the car out and clocked it! Lots of surfers and board kiters and dog walkers and dirt bikers all along the beach. We headed back to J&S's place for a yummy soup lunch and a little catching up and then headed in to An Dangain to see if Murphys Ice Cream Shop was still open. They had just closed so we decided that maybe some actual dinner might be a better plan than ice cream.

Sunday started pretty lazy, just about made it up in time for breakfast - I had the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, Mt T opted for the pancakes with honey. We headed back to our room to curl up on the bed and watch Sunday morning cartoons until we had to check out. A little potter around town and J&S decided to come in and see if ice cream was still a good idea - It Was! Wow, Murphys is a great spot. I picked out two scoops of cookies, and peanut, Mr T was tempted by the Barrys Tea ice cream and the brown bread ice cream, he felt that it was breakfast in an ice cream. All it needed was a little jam in his opinion! We finished out the day with a picnic out on the penninsula before saying 'see ya soon' to J&S and facing the car back for Limerick.

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