Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Help


Hey everyone - I need a little help and advice.

The gals and guy in my house want to throw a halloween party, our budget is limited but we want to do something really great looking. Have you any ideas?

We'll be confining the party to just the downstairs of the house and out onto the patio. We're borrowing a gorgeous gazebo for outside in case it rains and we have lots of white fairy lights that we can use.

The other 'problem' I have is that I have no idea what to dress up as! I want to look... well... hot but not slutty, and a lot of costumes look kinda slutty. I also have the added problem that I'm shooting at a Halloween archery shoot a few days later and my costume has to be suitable for that too. Please please don't suggest anything archery related, most archery people shun the Robin Hood thing very much.

As a curvy, very curvy, girl with black curls I know that there are a lot of other options out there for me but I'm just not too sure.

Please Please Help!

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