Saturday, August 8, 2009

Holiday Update 1

What a hectic few days.
The wedding on Wednesday was wonderful and I`d like to congratulate Will and Eaoidin on their marrıage.
We drove straight from the reception in Carlow to Dublin at 5am to drop the car at Mr Ts aunts house and head out to the airport. Flight was delayed by about an hour, got to Istanbul and the connectıng flight was delayed too. Got to Izmir, stil hadnt slept and not all of our bags had arrived with us. Half of the luggage was not in Izmir. Mr T and Sonya are still without holiday clothes but we are all seeing the light side of it all and luckily there were some clothes in the house when we arrived.
More updates as they arrive. The weather here is unbelievable - 29 degrees at night, not too sure about daytime temp.

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