Sunday, June 21, 2009

Annual Pig on a Spit Party

Yesterday was spent over at a friends house for his - hopefully annual - pig roast!

So far they have done it 3 times, lots of food, lots of music, kegs of Guinness and a pig on a spit, but yesterday was the first time I was able to attend. A pig on a spit is one hell of a centerpiece and a conversation starter let me tell you that.

The whole set-up was fantastic, a tandoori bbq and salad plate early in the evening, roast pork and baked potatoes at about 11 o clock. The pig takes about 9 hours to cook. Fridge full of desserts. One of the guys even brought home-made mint chocolate mousse, it was amazing. About 60 people were there, they had put up a marquee in case the weather got bad but the day, and night, held perfectly.

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