Monday, May 18, 2009

I've been...

I've just been tagged by
Ruth over at Nice Day Designs. Yea, my first tag!

Seven things I like:

New runners,

Warm blankets,


A good mug of tea,

Curling up with a good book,

Little presents,

Spending time with good friends.

Seven things I did yesterday:

Watched the end of Gladiator in bed,
Read the end of Murder on the Orient Express,

Made some raspberry trifle,

Played with a dog that we have called Benji, we don't know if we can keep him yet,

Called Mr T to see how he was getting on in Galway,

Drove back to Limerick,

Bought Glamour to curl up in bed with .

Seven things I wish I could do:


Add and multiply big numbers in my head,

Tie a scarf stylishly, oh Parisian women how you irk me,

Drink more water,

Stop procrastinating,
Go to the cinema every week,

Flip pancakes.

Seven things I don’t like:

The lack of an Irish summer,

People who jump queues,

Rude bar staff,

Raw tomatoes,

Pens that have lots of ink in them but still won't work,

Bad coffee,

Not having lip balm with you when you really need it.

I'm tagging:

A cat of impossible colour
Samantha Le
Trust Tommy
Vulgar Moon
Cathy Horner


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