Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend shoot

I am weary. My poor body is so tired from a weekend shooting.

Saturday was a great days shooting and our college team took 4th place at the InterVarsity. Our captain, Rory, took 3rd place in the recurve section with a great new personal best score. My day went ok, but I had been expecting to do a little better because of all the training that I had been putting in since the start of the month. The new hall in NUIG is a lovely hall to shoot in though. They have great lighting, staggered bleachers to sit on and a really nice cafe in the foyer that stays opens all weekend. This bit is important.... cause I sort of signed up for a full days shooting on Sunday too. Oh I am such a sucker for punishment.

Sunday was the National Barebow Championships but
there was a FITA running at the same time so I put my name down for a spot in that, and I persuaded Tom and Alan to shoot too, along with Rory and Phil, so we had a respectable turn out from the Limerick teams. My only problem was that I had given Dot back her limbs which left me limb less... sort of. I had a set of medium limbs in my case so we set about adjusting the riser so that everything would line up nicely.

This is were I usually fail at archery related things.... I'm not very good with the equipment side of things but I decided that it was time to learn
. With a little (lot) of help from a friend called Martin, who instead of doing it for me, told me why we needed to do all the things that we were doing and showed me how to do them myself, we got the bow set up lovely and straight and ready for Sunday. I really love people like that who instead of doing everything for you teach you how to do it for yourself.

So I went forth and shot on Sunday.... and took 3rd place in the female recurve category. What a great day despite having to face my own coach in the head-to-head tournament!

And I also got to try out a set of short M1 limbs to see how they shot with my riser.

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